We at AppCode Technologies, as a top-of-the-line Mobile application development company, define and create innovative and robust mobile app experiences which are the upshots of your effective business model and an eclectic mix of user psychology, vital pain points and digital behavior. We have immensely aided our clients in amplifying their revenue, boosting brand awareness and ushering in new businesses across the far-reaching global arena.

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AppCode Technologies comes out with innovative ideas and breakthrough technologies by being your marketing technology partner in mobile app development. We server our customers the very best in design, features, functionalities and develop mobile apps that the market loves. We have the capability to tackle all kinds of mobile app ideas and requirements for like enterprise mobile applications, iOS applications, android application, ipad/tablet apps, m-commerce/store applications, and more! Our right tools, strategies, technologies and functionalities will make them a success. From ideation to planning, UI/UX, code development, app testing and deployment, our work is perfect, always.


Our Android apps are realible and scalable to become compatible to all android devices.


We come up with creative ideas on UI/UX to hold apple’s standards of your iOS app.


Lite and Fast. Our PWAs are usually preferred for corporate or business app development.

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Mobile App Development ??

It is the high time now that the modern-day businesses understand the kind of relationship a modern-day consumer has with their phones. Mobile app development can help your business or brand to reach customers all around the world on various platforms like social media apps, search engines, messengers and others.

  • We target to create a brand value of your business through our mobile apps
  • We always bring innovation to our mobile UI/UX designs
  • Our coding patterns are well tested & optimised
  • Our approach is to think like a user and bring user-friendly apps
  • We have mobile app marketing strategies to grow your customer’s involvement
  • Rather than just development we work on how to increase your customer retention
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Bringing your business online on mobile is a trending strategy all big players of business industries are implementing and no just the development they are making their mobile apps more mature day by day with the help of their user’s feed...back. But mobile app development may sound like a deep ocean even for a techie entrepreneur and therefore we are here to help you grow, digitize your business and grow your business via our mobile app development solutions.

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We work on native mobile app development programming languages. For android app development we use JAVA programming language. In iOS app development we use SWIFT and OBJECTIVE - C.

Generally it takes 12-16 weeks of time to develop any mobile application from business analysis to live deployment. But not in all the scenarios. It depends upon the complexity of design, functionality, backend logics and mobile app stores approval policies.

AppCode Technologies is a leading mobile app development company with experienced mobile app developers. We also offer our clients to hire dedicated developers to maximise their product development efficiency.

Native mobile applications are developed only for a specific platform but cross platform applications are developed to support multiple platform. Broadly cross platform app can run on android and iOS both but native will only support either android or iOS.

The platform must be decided based on your user base and locations where your most of the users will belong. If you are targeting the global market then you must go for both (android and iOS) app development but if you are targeting/planning to use applications with limited numbers then we would prefer android due to its low maintenance cost.

The OS of mobile apps remains same always but it new version releases with time. After new version release of mobile OS, it might be possible that you have to implement necessary changes in your apps to support that new version. Therefore there is always a scope for maintenance in mobile app development services.

It depends upon the target audience of your product. If you wish to expand your business in all 3 domains (web, android and iOS) then you must have a website with all the features same as application. However we always put our creativity in website development as well.

Google charges a one time fees of $25 to deploy your apps. Apple has a different charging strategy. The Apple Developer Program annual fee is $99 and the Apple Developer Enterprise Program annual fee is $299 USD, in local currency where available.

There are numerous of features that we have implemented into our mobile application natively or customised as per the client's request. Few of them are - Account based functionalities, Social Media Tools Integration, Multiple Language support, Offline mode, Download and Upload files, AI, AR - Object detection and verification, Real Time synchronisation, Push Notifications, Barcode/QRCode scanning, in app Calling, Mailing, Messaging etc.

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Though we are based in Faridabad, India, our services are not restricted to India only. We offer seo services to all English Speaking Countries around the globe – from USA and Canada to UK to UAE to Singapore to Australia. And we have the highest concentration of clients in the following cities :

  • Noida
  • Delhi
  • Gurgoan
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • San Jose

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