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Image Processing Solutions

AppCode Technologies have garnered profound expertise and experience in offering professional image processing services relying on your specific requirements. While we fully comprehend the magnitude of cutomer’s ever-increasing demand, it’s also important to understand the processes involved in our cutting-edge offerings of image processing development, we We have garnered profound expertise and experience as best image processing company

Object Detection

What is object detection and recognition?

The object detection is a technique used to identify object through computer vision in images. It helps to identify a particular object as per the requirement. The recognition is a technique to identify an already detected object again in which the algorithm identifies an object by comparing it with similar type of object and taking decisions based on match percentage.

Optical Character Recognition

How optical character recognition reduces effort?

The major function of character recognition is to convert the physically written text into the digital form. Optical character recognition create the digital copy of the physical text into image/pdf format or else and then uses image processing techniques to fetch the text from image and process it digitally. Thus processing of text becomes much convenient.

Image Retrieval and Analytics

How image retrieval works?

The image retrieval is a process the algorithm find a particular set of images that correlates with the query user has asked. For example, when we search on Google by writing any text, it gives us related images in its images tab based on the searched query. This is an example of image retrieval by using a text based approach to identify and present set of images.

Face and Emotion Detection

How can you achieve face or emotion detection?

Earlier it was limited to brain to detect human emotions but image processing has grown vast into this domain. Nowadays there are methods available through which such algorithms can be developed which can detect human emotions based on the facial recognition technology and predict how the person is reacting. It’s being explored by camera based application with filters a lot these days.

Image With Filter Effect Generation

How to use filter effects through image processing?

The image processing algorithms filters an image either by spatial domains or by frequencies. Thus the image processing adjusts the frequencies lower or higher by smoothing the image or highlighting the special areas of image. The filter is a masking image with color contrasts which is placed over the real image to make it look like a filtered one.

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Image Processing At Its Finest

If digitization is done with perfection it can transform your business in many aspects and our image processing services are one of them. We serve enterprises with solutions that automatically process the image, manipulate it and then interpret deep insights from it.

  • Use facial approval technology to minimise physical interaction
  • Make your bank lockers more secured using facial approval
  • We can identify any unwanted or suspicious thing or person in any public place like malls etc
  • Make your attendance more accurate using facial recognition
  • Our pros will help you to cover other platform pointers for business expansion

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Why AppCode Technologies
Is The Best Image Processing Company

We utilize the most advanced image processing solutions available to handle the image processing requirements from intial to last step.

  • We perform real time image processing
  • Our solutions gives you better operational cost savings
  • Most precise algorithms to detect any object
  • We enable machine learning powered enrichment to image processing
  • High-performance scanning is fast and accurate
  • Secure image acquisition, storage, and transmission.
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Work Capabilities Of Image Processing Solutions

Voice Call Integration
Face Detection

We have capability to develop algorithms that can detect face and can capture human emotions. This can be used in face detection based login

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Coordinate Detection

Through the use of coordinate detection, we are capable to create overlays on the images which comes useful for creating e-cards or filters

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Online OCR

We are capable to develop algorithms that perform optical character recognition on any physical text for converting normal text to digital text

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