Hotel Management Sytem
(iPAD Application)

Inn-Flow's time clock ipad application is a biometric hotel with proprietary facial recognition technology, Smile ID, which will help the hotel’s management to control labor costs and avoid buddy punching. Time clock app is the easiest way to handle employee time tracking, employee scheduling, and PTO requests.

Some of the features the app includes are :

  • Punch IN/OUT
  • Request time off
  • View Schedule
  • Enter Tips
  • Approve Timesheets

Project Key Features

Facial Detection Punch In/Out

We have implemented facial detection & recignition possible in iPAD which is compatible with all iPAD version with 98% accuracy rate

Daily Timesheets

The application is dynamically controlled through backend which can create & upload schedules of staff for whole month and display in app

Time Off Management

Since the pain point of hotels are time offs threfore we have addressed proper time off of hotel staff in a much easy and secured way

Requirements Of the Business Idea

The core requirement of the ipad application development was to have facial punch in/punch out system and other complex management features.

  • To develop facial detection technology that can differentiate between object & face
  • To observe facial changes of users on daily basis and update those changes
  • To have manual punch in/punch out system integrated as well
  • Monthly timesheet representation with assigned schedules for all the user
  • Tip management for employees to get exact details of hotel’s cash flow
  • Manage time offs, holidays & absentees of employees

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Our Case Studies

The Facial Detection Technology

Our focus was on to achieve maximum accuracy in facial detection and recognition technology through image processing development concepts.

  • We have created & implemented our concept and alogorithms on a POC app
  • Next steps after achieving the basic functionality was to get the accuracy
  • We have achieved accuracy on POC app by comparing previously saved images
  • During punchin/punchout image is compared with 25 latest saved images
  • Each day the latest image updates and old ones get deleted
  • Thus we encountered facial changes as well and achieved facial detection

Customised Timesheets

We have designed a custom calendar to represent user’s monthly timesheet with multiple schedules representation as well in a creative and user friendly manner

  • The responsiveness of our custom calendar was maintained
  • Supports multiple schedules representation of single user on any specific day
  • Displays holidays, applied leaves and present marked days in calendar
  • Colorful representation of various days validations

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