B2B Closed Community Netwroking Platform (Website & Web Backend)

EVOLVERS is an initiative taken by a team of seasoned professionals specialized in various fields across the industry, each one having more than two decades of industrial experience or led entrepreneurial ventures.
These professionals are coming together to address long standing needs of the SMEs & Start-ups, Partners, i.e. Investors, Technology or Business Partners etc., Mentors and Experts, by creating a network of seeker and givers to resolve issues faced by each one while promoting mutual interests.

EVOLVERS, is committed to facilitate the mutually beneficial interaction among Challengers (Start-ups / SMEs), Partners (Investors, JV Partners, Technology Partners, Business Partners), Mentors and Experts

Project Key Features

Dynamic Website

The website support fully functional backend portal due to which every content of the website can be changed anytime to make it look fresh.

Timeline View

It shows a timeline of posts uploaded by the users in an infinite scroll view just like any other social media platform to offer maximum engagement

Recommendation System

Product also have a recommedation system to offer the user a list of user who can benefit them in business and are friends of friend.

Requirements Of the Business Idea

A networking platform that enable members to reach their fulfillment by using the resources in structured way to communicate and share ideas for their business requirements.

  • Bringing them together on common digitally enabled platform
  • Creating a network of each community
  • Enabling them to interact with each other
  • To increase the visibility of members and promoting their activities, i.e. services, products
  • Enriching each community by knowledge sharing daily
  • To provide a platform to handle Evolvers weekly event management

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Our Case Studies

Architecture For Timeline View

We have a challenge to create an infinite paginated scroll of all the posts but the point was to handle the design and lag problem.

  • Since the concept of timeline, we made every new post to be displayed on top
  • There were 3 designs cells to handle different validations of timeline view
  • All the designs were integrated in a smooth scolling and paginated format
  • Every particular post was hosting a series of 12 APIs which we have reduced to 7
  • The complex structure was designed in a fully responsive manner
  • Lastly we have made sure that it supports all browsing environments

Recommendation System Implementation

The recommendation system bring the user’s list which any user can follow based on its category and friend’s network. It’s based on 4 facts -

  • To recommend friend’s of friends
  • To recommed people from user’s own category
  • To recommed users based on likes
  • To recommend customers by their bsuiness type

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