Hotel Aggregator Platform
(Website & Web Backend)

While travelling for business, the only thing on your mind should be the agenda of the trip. Being a specialist business travel management platform, our mission is to revolutionize how businesses independent of their scale or industry book and manage their travel.

Here is why we are the best travel booking partners for your business -

  • Corporate Rates
  • Compare and save
  • Hassle Free Booking
  • Extensive Range of hotels
  • No hidden charges

Project Key Features

Multithreading Implementation

We have developed our own custom algorithms to implement multithreading concept on 45 Lac hotels list around the word and bring best prices

Database Aggregation

We have used 3 Hotel aggregator APIs to create a wholesome database of uniques hotels by using machine learning concepts

RPA Implementation

Through robotic process automation we have successfully achieved email classification for backend development of RoomsXpert

This is a Testimonial for Mr. Sandeep Srivastava from AppCode Technologies Pvt Ltd. being an online portal, required a trusted technology partner who can develop & manage our portal. Being an e-commerce platform, the technology used & the kind of systems required had to be latest ones’. He got the portal stable & is being developed under his able guidance. He and his team took all the pain, conceptualized, designed & got them worked. I strongly recommend Mr. Sandeep Srivastava of AppCode Technologies for all future requirements. I wish them all the very best for their all future endeavours AppCode Technologies is a technology partner for us.

Rahul Chauhan , Founder ,

Requirements Of the Business Idea

The requirement was to create a B2B platform that could come up with best hotel deals around the world for business travellers.

  • User login & basic profiling
  • Hotel aggregation list with 0% rate of duplicacy through machine learning
  • Various hotel data, filters and sorting functionalites
  • Backend portal development for business employees and their sub-employees
  • Email classification via. combined concept of RPA & ML
  • Concept of trip planner for complete travel planning & arrangements

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Our Case Studies

How To Remove Duplicacy ?

The very first thing to achieve was to remove duplicacy of hotels from all 3 APIs and for that we have implemented machine learning based algorithms.

  • We have used 3 hotel aggregator APIs to get hotels data
  • We have created our own database for country, state, district & cities
  • We mapped those hotel data with the countries & cities
  • Through our AI/ML based alogorithm we created a main DB of hotels
  • The duplicacy have been addressed through machine learning alogorithms
  • Now we have created our main database which contains no duplicate hotels

Achieve Within A Seconds Speed

To make our portal compete in world market we have to make it as fast as possible. We have achieved such by introducing the concept of multithreading in our scope.

  • Since we have created our main database of hotel its important to get speed as well
  • We achieved speed by using miltithreading concept and running APIs parallelly
  • Whenever we get any unique data we show them directly on user’s interface
  • Yet our API are kept running in background untill we receive complete data

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