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iOS Application Development Company in Delhi

Global brands get benefitted with AppCode Technologies for iOS application development in Delhi and worldwide through global products meant for both web and mobile platforms. As a global consultant in offering digital solutions we offer the very best iOS app development services with unmatchable experience. Let us help you scale to exceptional heights through experiences which are measurable in true sense since we are capable of doing that being a leading iOS application development company in Delhi. We are your trusted partner irrespective of the type of apps you aim for.

iOS Application Development Company in Delhi: Our Solutions

AppCode Technologies has already gained a universal acceptance as a prominent iOS app development company offering varied offerings with regards to iPhone app development services in Delhi and elsewhere. We value client relationship and hence keep all the stakeholders together. As a torchbearer with experienced iOS application development in Delhi, we guide you towards a sustainable business growth. Ethical problem solving is what we do to boost business productivity to utmost limits.

Custom iOS App Development

As a bespoke iOS app development in Delhi, we do listen to our clients needs globally for catering personalised requirements of you to have a customised offering for you.

UI/UX Design

Making use of globally recognised crafting strategies, we do keep into consideration the aesthetic appeal accompanied by top-notch usability, when designing UI/UX.

Progressive iOS App Development

Progressive iOS apps are the future having the capabilities of both fast development turn around and low costing which is why we do offer it in our iOS app development section.

iPad App Development

Just as it is challenging to have iOS apps targeted for iPhone app development, we do focus a great deal on having iOS apps that justify the screen size of an iPad to be more engaging.

iPhone App Development

It is a separate deal to create iOS apps specifically for iPhone keeping in account that the screen size and the default features that required a speciality from us.

Support and Maintenance

It is not about just creating an iOS product and handing it over to clients but additionally it is passing over the updates, upgrades, bug resolution, error solving, to the client’s end.

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iOS Application Development : Our Work Capabilities

Voice Call Integration
Voice Call Integration

iOS apps developed are well equipped to connect via an integrated voice call feature present as a default functionality to have a quick call session whenever required.

Web Development Mobile App Development
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Online Video Call

Not just voice call but even video call integrated in iOS apps we have developed plays an instrumental role in getting one step closer to you.

Web Development Mobile App Development
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Live Chat Communication

Real time chat present in iOS app we create is a pleasant thing since it can ping send to us in no time for any query.

Web Development Mobile App Development

Our Client's Testimonials

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding service. Over the years, you've consistently delivered highly efficient services. We've witnessed remarkable results and accompanied by innovative creatives. Your promptness in resolving issues is also greatly appreciated. We eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration with you and hope you will continue to provide such excellent service to us. We have, and will continue to recommend your service to other companies and contacts. Thank you for all your support.


Managing Director | Secondbuy Tech Pvt. Ltd.

He got the portal stable & is being developed under his able guidance. He and his team took all the pain, conceptualized, designed & got them worked. I strongly recommend Mr. Sandeep Srivastava of AppCode Technologies for all future requirements. I wish them all the very best for their all future endeavours AppCode Technologies is an excellent technology partner for us.


Founder |

iOS Application Development Company in Delhi : We Develop Complex iOS App

AppCode Technologies have a strong continental presence, but we have a lot more to offer than just serving an intercontinental audience base. We are passionate about ios application development in Delhi but ready to collaborate no matter wherever you are based. Whether be iPhone or iPad, we do have a lot of edge to offer....

•   We are so much dedicated to our clients that we not just unlock the true potential of ourselves while working on a project but even clients at each and every stage.
•   We have a fleet of experts, analysts, and programmers striving for achieving no less than perfection to have a global awareness of brand name.
•   We do follow certain principles with which we work upon such as integrity, honesty, transparency, and consistency, to be a trusted choice for most.
•   We keep ourselves well updated with whats going on so as to have a contemporary touch with our every single project.
•   We have developed such a cohesive culture emotionally internally that it gets expanded to our clients as wellto have a close association.
•   We do have an emphatic connect with all our stakeholders in order to accomplish as much accuracy possible with compassion and passion going hands in hands.

As iOS application development company in Delhi, AppCode Technologies build iOS Applications which maximize output results with minimal input, develop engaging and intuitive UI/UX designs, test everything thoroughly, and ensure a smooth deployment of the app. Our iOS app development services includes apps for the iOS platform such as iPhone, and iPad that are always perfect for the target audience. With our team of best iOS mobile app development engineers and designers we will give you mobile apps according to your requirements.

Objective-C: The primary programming language to write software for iOS, can be used to make very good iOS apps. The interfaces are better. The features are more flexible. But just a basic knowledge of object-oriented programming is never enough. Visualization skills, design elements, proven expertise in clean coding, a robust architecture, and an eye for the detail all matters.

XCode: Using the software development tools in XCode, we create world-class apps that have user-friendly interface and attractive features. XCode is the complete developer toolset for iOS apps development. AppCode Technologies plan and integrates personalized iOS app development. graphics, text, colours and layout. They have secured framework and easy multi-level operations.

Swift: The new language for programming iOS apps! The powerful and intuitive programming language reduces build time so you can see and test quickly. The syntax is expressive, yet concise. Fun elements and features that everyone loves can be added. There are fewer bugs too. The engineers at AppCode Technologies can use Swift 3, and even Swift 4 to give you stunning and useful mobile app development services in India.

Playgrounds: Get the smartest and the most visually pleasing apps for iOS. Apple’s Swift Playgrounds now even supports toys, drones and robots. There are plenty of applications. Our talented engineers bring your innovative ideas to life. Create characters and control them. Create maps, themes and stunning backgrounds. Bring to life a rainbow of color and any dream.

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We develop our iOS application development on native programming languages - SWIFT and OBJECTIVE-C which are widely accepted globally and has a huge community base with most stable programming language versions.

Generally it takes 12-16 weeks of time to develop any mobile application from business analysis to live deployment. But not in all the scenarios. It depends upon the complexity of design, backend logics and apple app stores approval policies.

Yes. We guarantee our clients that their iOS apps will be approved by the apple. Publish and making the iOS app live is a part of our mobile app development services and we take complete responsibility of that.

Yes. Apart from mobile app development services we also offer mobile app marketing services to our client in order to grow their mobile app business through digital marketing strategies.

We follow MVC coding pattern in most of our android app development projects. But depending upon the requirements and demand of the project we are also open to MVP and MVVC patterns as well.

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