The Project –

The Project –

One of the project taken by AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd.that is also termed as a major checkpoint for the AppCode team is . Read our recent blog on how was designed and developed and find some cool facts about behind the scenes of AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in the making of this website.

(An overview of the project)

Roomsxpert - a B2B travel website that enables users to book hotels in 85700+ cities in 190+ countries across the globe. Simply put, they serve the role of an aggregator that delivers a straightforward and effortless hotel reservation system.

(@Sandeep Srivastava - the Managing Director of AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. received  The Project - Roomsxpert with a problem of merging of data on multiple API’s?)

And in a talk with @Sandeep Srivastava it seemed that he really wanted to take this challenging project to show up the skills and strength that AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can achieve.
And yes, soon the project came into the discussion.

The Project - Roomsxpert was thoroughly discussed with @Prakash PS - the Project Manger and @Guljar Prasad - the Lead Developer and their suggestions were taken on account to resolve this particular problem.
(So lets see how these two guys managed to solve the query and designed/developed this bulky project)

Suggestions by @Prakash to solve this problem - In a talk with @Prakash PS he told that he suggested the team to use a dynamically hybrid database where the inventory can be saved and the comparison of the rooms can be done from a cache database.

But as we all know, things that are easy to say aren’t not so easy to implement and therefore the very first problem they encountered was - How to Integrate API’s having Different Data Structure??
Finally @Guljar Prasad and @Prakash PS jointly agreed with a solution to apply some of complex algorithms that could resolve this issue. Few particular algorithms they used are discussed below -

I. K - Clustering Levenshtein Algorithm - To calculate the distance between strings, you can use the Levenshtein distance (aka edit distance). (You can deep dive into Clustering here )

II. Haversine Algorithm - The Haversine formula determines the great-circle distance between two points on a sphere given their longitudes and latitudes. Important in navigation, it is a special case of a more general formula in spherical trigonometry, the law of Haversines, that relates the sides and angles of spherical triangles.

(Haversine Formula in detail Click here )

(How to calculate distance between two latitude-longitude points? Click here)

Applying such algorithms have never been easy but somehow these guys were managing well but just after resolving the previous issue they encountered another one - the Geospatial Distance

All they want a Bird Flying solution where they can fly freely like a bird to any place when anyone searches for any room.
After hours of brainstorming they came up with a idea of trying different API’s where distance can be calculated according to to available routes and that’s why they named it - The Bird Flying Solution.

(Looks like people at AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. try to find out fun even in their working fields too.)

And yes!! finally the efforts worked and the Geospacial Distance problem came to an end. Well not only just an end in fact they achieved the efficiency of 90% and this achievement came up like a hurrah!! moment for the team.

Technologies used - The AppCode team used some of the various technologies while developing this project such as -

(Wow that was a whole lot of efforts and the results were truly great for the team.)

What they achieved??

We all know that great things take time and so as this project had. But with the team efforts and putting all the hard work together, AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  had really been good at Web Development.
What they achieved was a fully functional website that can search the hotels/rooms at the mean time and compare it with the prices that other websites are offering.

  • A website with with a whole lot of creativity that portrays that AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. not only handles the back-ends but also care for the front-end jobs.
  • A web service with almost 90% of efficiency rate in the market.
  • A website that can be taken as an example of the working ability of AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Personal views of the team on Roomsxpert -

@Sandeep Srivastava says that, was really a challenging project and so are our team. Over this project our team has grown up as a Google Cloud Partner. This really had been a learning experience for the team.

@Prakash PS says that - it really took a great effort to overcome the problems with Roomsxpert but finally we made it!

@Guljar Prasad told that - Our motto was ensure the client satisfaction and we achieved that very well.

(So this was a sneak peek into some of behind the scenes of  The Project - Roomsxpert at AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Stay tuned for our next blog, till then Search, Compare and Book.)

Find out more about AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. here

Check out the project Roomsxpert here

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