Media & Entertainment

Digital technologies have transformed the media industry greatly in the last few decades. Consumers are now demanding content on their mobile devices and tablets. Our end-to-end media solutions can help you manage and broadcast your media assets like music, films, interactive games, television, radio, and live entertainment, transforming your business and helping you make the most of the new world and the digital opportunities. To succeed, you need solutions that help in content sourcing, managing, broadcasting, and advertising, and we can help you in each.

AppCode Technologies works closely with media and entertainment businesses upgrade to the digital age, improving their profitability by making the most of the opportunities.

Improve Employee Productivity

Improve employee productivity and boost the performance of your sales and marketing teams by helping them segment markets, analyze customer behaviors, and target them better by making customized offers. With our applications and mobility solutions, you can promote merchandise and gift vouchers, provide the latest information on programs/events on mobile, show audio/video live streaming on web portals and mobile devices, and make location based recommendations to your target customers.

Multi-Channel Enablement

Modern consumers are demanding cross-channel content now. We comply. We give you multi-channel enablement for mobile, the web, and social media by focusing on search, videos, CMS, social media, and analytics by adopting the right strategies and implementing advanced technology solutions. Ask AppCode Technologies for a free consultation and demo so we can show you what we can achieve.


The world today runs on automation, more so in media and entertainment business. Focus on comfort of your users, live stream audios videos through cross platform mobile apps. Give location based information, recommendations, even vouchers for events. Promote merchandise, ensure seat availability and more for live programmes. Get apps to edit videos in a jiffy or make us go creative with something new.

Marketing & Advertising

Working closely with you, we develop applications that improve the effectiveness of your marketing. Get better fan engagement with integrated digital marketing strategy. Optimize your target demographics through mobile devices, apps, and sites by using collected data from digital marketing. Applications and solutions made by AppCode Technologies help you distribute content to achieve traction, gain traffic/viewership and monetize it to enhance business revenue and ROI.

Solutions for You We can help broadcasters, movie studios, the music industry, leverage technology to make the best out of digital solutions that are custom made for you after a detailed analysis of your business and strategy development. We help you develop full-service capabilities so that you can use our solutions to deliver to diverse audiences and target markets. AppCode Technologies can also help you bring down content production costs through collaboration, automation, and by integrating different tools and workflow processes.

Improve content reuse by standardizing systems, storage, and transformation processes. Improve your digital revenues through multi-channel enablement, automation, and efficient delivery engineering.