According to a Credencys report, 70% professionals see mobility as a game-changer in manufacturing. Downtime can be converted into productivity time, recovering an average of 42 minutes for each employee, every day. Technology and mobility solutions are allowing manufacturing to bring greater speed and accuracy, apply new production strategies, and augment existing processes to achieve production and efficiency gains.

AppCode Technologies designs mobility solutions aligned to your production to improve the efficiency of the procedures and processes. Our solutions help you make the most of your facilities and manpower, technologies used, improve productivity, achieve cost optimization, and have a better ROI.

Mobile CRM Systems

Custom-made mobile CRM systems aligned with pricing, order management and fulfillment can improve customer responsiveness. Our solutions provide information to your sales teams, customers and prospects where, when and how production is happening and goods are available. Everything can be accounted for and made traceable. Delivering real-time responses can make the key difference in making a sale.

Order Management

The order management process can be made more transparent to your sales team, improving the accuracy of order fulfillment. Procurement and purchasing teams want updates. Your sales reps can give customers updates on order status and updated delivery dates. Order alerts can be configured. Efficient order management will help your production and delivery schedules and allow you to comply with demand and the supply dates.

Tracking, Traceability and Reporting

An enterprise-wide inventory management system to track, trace and report can replace manual systems that can be erroneous. A simple error can prove to be a costly mistake in the end. Avoid such mistakes with digital reporting and management systems. Besides, electronic reporting can save thousands of man-hours, which is vital time for any business. You will be able to manage the resources better.

Compliance and Maintenance

A custom-made high-end solution developed for you can track machine-level compliance and provide alerts to production engineering whenever it is time for maintenance. Often, in manufacturing, systems have to be calibrated regularly to achieve perfection and compliance. Machine stress can cause a break-down, causing production loss and delays. AppCode Technologies solutions provide alerts to your quality engineering teams to take immediate action and keep the shop floor working.

Solutions for You

Our result-oriented technology solutions are industry-specific. With a deep understanding of the domain, and technological expertise, we develop high-end mobility solutions that improve your production processes, apply new strategies and procedures, optimize human and machine resources, cut down production losses, meet supply schedules, so you can improve your profits. AppCode Technologies helps you prevent wastage, provide alerts, track, and trace the entire manufacturing process.

Ask us for supply chain management solutions, workforce management solutions, field service management solutions, inventory management, analyze workflow performance, and improve logistics. Working closely with you, AppCode Technologies develops solutions that are specific to your manufacturing and production.