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The real estate industry is an economic engine, the backbone of many industries. But what makes real estate distinct are its increased on-site requirements. The business requires increased location-based activities. Mobility solutions can be very handy here. Our advanced tech-based applications can help you carry out location-based activities smoothly.

Onsite agents or workers can manage information anywhere, anytime.AppCode Technologies solutions can help you track properties and get updates, track lease records, visualize projects with augmented reality, manage the property inventory, allow the onsite and sales teams to prepare and send reports, create marketplaces for buyers/sellers, create photo/video galleries, and much more.

  • Property Management Solution
  • Market Research & Analytics
  • Reach, Engage with Your Customers
  • Lease Management Solutions


Property Management Solution

A complete solution to manage properties! Our solutions give you complete control over the entire move-in and move-out process with data available when and where you want it. You can check development details easily, like the size of the land, total value, address, the rate for each acre and such others. You have access to data like number of units unsold, sold, and detailed sales reports.

Market Research & Analytics

AppCode Technologies can work with you to develop advanced tools that give you detailed consumer insights and realtor behaviors. Based on the information received and analysis, it will become easier to determine how to reach and engage with the target audience. Every situation, every business, is unique with special requirements. The analytics tools we develop are geared to your business only, as they are custom-made.

Reach, Engage with Your Customers

Customers are always the biggest assets. We develop technology applications and platforms that enable you to reach, engage and retain your customers and prospects. Our applications are visually engaging, easy to use, and give the potential customers a 360-degree view of your projects, photo/image galleries, market value, finance, and other details. You can receive inquiries, respond to them, and send alerts.

Lease Management Solutions

We develop tools that let you manage lease agreements and track them so you can improve the efficiency in lease executions. Our tech applications provide automated notifications, reminders, and alerts. Keep a tab on all the lease records and avoid unnecessary lease payments. All the agreements are safely stored in a central digital repository for easy retrieval whenever you need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

YES. We provide a technical document that is based on the SRS (Software Requirement Specifications) standards consisting of every single technicality related to the project. The handover process consist of a code handover process where the client is given access to the code and credentials related to the project.

YES. From the development of an application from scratch to final build uploadation, we consider every task as a priority. We also provide services for App Store or Play Store support where we upload a fully developed application over the respective store. In such cases, estimation is primarily based on the amount of time taken by a developer to upload the application depending upon the challenges.

YES…There is a high probability of your app getting rejected by Apple depending upon what criteria the application has breached which has caused the rejection. Some cases which lead to the rejection of an application are – Bugs & Crashes, Test Data – Inaccurate Description, User’s Privacy Breach, Poor performance and More RAM consumption, Mentioning other apps without an agreement approval, etc

Changes in mobile solutions are also termed as a way to grow, optimize and decide strategies based on the real-time market response. Therefore in every growing mobile application changes as per the market environment are necessary. We follow a standard change request procedure which includes steps like – Change Request – Identification, Generation, Approvals & Development.

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