Hotel & Hospitality

According to Nielsen data, smartphone users are spending 85% of their time on apps, and the rest on desktops and laptops. Mobile technology, apps, and the internet have been a game changer. The impact has been profound on the hotel & hospitality sector.

We can help hotels and restaurants use CMS and custom-made mobility solutions to access and disseminate real-time information to improve efficiency, become more organized and serve the end customers better. Changes and updations can be made easily. It’s not just paperless operations. Our solutions and services manage data better, and organize events in a more cohesive fashion.

Efficient Property Management

Leverage our technology and mobility solutions for hotels and restaurants. WOW your guests and improve operational efficiency. All the departments can be completely integrated for a comprehensive customized solution. POS management, front office management, purchase, inventory, payroll and HR, finance, food & beverage costing, banquets & conference facilities, room service, and more! Technology can help you boost productivity by a great deal.

Centralized Reservation System

Large and mid-sized hotel chains can benefit from scale and bring down the cost of making bookings by centralizing your room reservations. It will bring down your operational overhead and offer better choices to your guests. Solutions developed by AppCode Technologies also help you gain from cross-selling opportunities. Customize the solution to your precise requirement. Our applications can integrate even email and SMS notifications.

Event Management

Events are big-time revenue generators for hotels. There are many intricacies in managing a successful event. A comprehensive management system allows you to plan better and remove the chaos. Our end-to-end event management solutions are of great help to hotel administrators and event managers. AppCode Technologies helps you tie-up room, restaurant, and banquet reservations with events for better efficiency!

App Development

All hotels are on the web now. But a majority of people are using smartphones to find properties. An app will serve you better. Track user behaviour, analyze personal preferences, such as the kind of properties/rooms they are looking at and present customized content to individuals. Send daily feeds to stay on top of the mind. Communicate better with your customers and prospects.

Solutions for You

We help you become a digital hotel. Empower your staff, connect better with your customers, improve guest services, market and manage your property more efficiently with our technology and mobility solutions. We can develop a CMS, cloud-based management system, high-end centralized booking engine for your hotel chain, and mobile app that takes your property closer to the end consumer.

Customers have different requirements. Administration has to be on the top of everything at all times. Retain complete control, collect and analyze real-time data, and offer top service with the high-end customized solutions for hotels and hospitality developed by AppCode Technologies. Ask us for a no-obligation free quote.