The mobility solutions market in healthcare is estimated to be worth $84,817.9 million by 2020. Leading healthcare brands the world over are leveraging technology to improve efficiency and offer better and safer treatments to their patients. The possibilities are endless. Improvements can be made in disease management, asset management, education & certification, mobile consulting, operational procedures, data and sample collection and safe storage !!!

AppCode Technologies develops high-impact solutions for the healthcare industry so they can explore new healthcare delivery models, offering better and more caring treatment and service, scale up their productivity, revenues, and remain at the forefront of excellence.

Solutions for Patient Engagement

Our advanced patient engagement solutions provide accurate and the latest information to patients about diseases and the right treatments, and help them reach out to physicians for consultation/appointments from anywhere, anytime. The solutions and tools also help them record and monitor the drug and treatment schedules. Doctors can monitor post discharge adherence and the prepared wellness plan. These tools are great for patient-doctor relationships.

Patient Monitoring Solution

Our high-end tech solutions can collect vital patient information from different medical devices such as pressure monitors, and pedometers at the home of patients, analyze the data, and transmit it to care teams for quick decision making and treatment. Besides, the AppCode Technologies systems can also help caregivers manage the medical devices with patients remotely. Remote systems ease infrastructure costs, and improve patient satisfaction.

Smart Hospital

Hospitals have smartened up, using digital solutions, technologies, and smart devices. We can help clinics and hospitals track on-premise equipment and assets, track and analyze employee performances, carry out real-time information flow management, smart billing management systems, patient information management systems, and much more. Modern day technology and mobility solutions can achieve a lot. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Emergency Management Systems

It is critical for a hospital to manage medical emergencies efficiently. It’s a matter of life and death, after all. Even the best medical care needs to now depend on technology to offer medical intervention. Leverage advanced technology to provide the right tools so your team of doctors, nursing staff and other medical officers can offer quicker, accurate treatment to reduce fatalities.

Solutions for You mHealth solutions are now the driving force that is powering many hospitals and clinics to offer the next-gen medical care and services. AppCode Technologies is working with healthcare organizations and caregivers to streamline, simplify, improve complex operations and offer value-added medical services so patients, their family and the administration can all gain from the advantages of modern technology.

We are collaborating with the healthcare industry to optimize resources, boost efficiency, bring down costs, and offer excellence and innovation at the macro level. AppCode Technologies leverages new technologies such as cloud, mobile, internet of things, and big data to create a connected enterprise that works on process accelerators and smooth and efficient information flow systems.