The sales force is not marching door-to-door to promote/sale your goods anymore. Marketing and promotions have become smarter. FMCG companies are doing everything to stay competitive and have the edge. New age businesses are empowered with technology to improve market penetration, solve the needs of their customers, and enhance brand value. Our technology and mobility solutions are helping FMCG businesses reach out to customers, retain existing customers, analyze markets and results, and offer effective value propositions with minimal investments.

Technology and mobility solutions are the new way forward. Improve results, and bring about better efficiency with our solutions and services.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Enterprise-level technology solutions can improve operational efficiency for FMCG businesses. The marketing and sales departments have quicker access to data. Mobility solutions improve interactions with customers and reduce the order turnaround time. AppCode Technologies solutions also help the warehousing staff improve resource utilization, thereby optimizing the shelf space. This will lead to better productivity and operational efficiency for the business.

Improved Buyer-Seller Interaction

Improve the one-to-one interactions with your customers and hot prospects with the help of technology. Access databases and information quickly, make the right informed decisions and save both money and costs. Identify market swings or changes in customer’s likes and dislikes and take rapid action. A business that is aligned to the always changing market is better poised to be successful.

Improved Customer Reach, Brand Recognition

FMCG’s the world over are adopting technological innovations to improve customer reach and build brand recognition. AppCode Technologies is helping small and large businesses access and analyze real-time data to learn about customer preferences and behaviors. Shopping apps with high-quality images can bring the products closer to customers. People can even share product information using custom mobile apps.

Improve Brand Recall, Reduce Costs

The cost of developing a customized hi-tech or mobility solution is way less than traditional marketing channels, while the advantages are many. Our solutions keep products close to customers to improve brand retention. AppCode Technologies can develop features, using which users can track the nearest store locations where your products are available. Customers can share information and post feedback on social media.

Solutions for You

Here at Appcode Technologies, we are developing customized solutions for FMCG that are helping them sustain their competitive edge in the market. Embrace technology solutions to access data faster, carry out detailed analysis, respond quickly to customer demands and market swings, engage better with your customers, move products quickly to the point of sale, break into new territories/markets, reduce costs, and improve productivity and profits.

Provide an excellent shopping experience. Give your staff modern tools to carry out complex tasks accurately, including marketing and sales. The customized solutions of AppCode Technologies help your business, both externally and internally. Ask us for a free consultation/audit.