Enterprise Mobility

Move faster than the speed of technology upgrades. Make your business flexible enough so it can adapt to the changes. The next generation mobile enterprise is a business that is connected at the macro level, is able to move with the times, and gain from the presented opportunities. Work practices are changing. Allow your workers to work from remote locations. Allow mobility of corporate data, without compromising on security. Timely access to critical information can make a key difference. Simple, adaptive, dependable and cost effective solutions to streamline your business operations can make huge differences.

Enterprise mobility solutions have become an integral part of modern businesses. Align a mobility strategy with your business goals. Ask for our versatile end-to-end solutions.

Our Capabilities

Try our comprehensive range of enterprise mobility services and solutions that can be applied throughout your business. We can help you develop strategies and deploy advanced mobile technologies to bring about better business efficiency and more streamlined and advanced processes. AppCode Technologies offers complete enterprise solutions or area-specific enablers help you manage business better, make better real-time decisions, and improve the overall functioning of the business. It helps both your customers and employees. We offer enterprise mobility solutions for automobile, financial sectors, education, healthcare, FMCG, hospitality, hotel & hospitality, media & entertainment, travel & tourism, manufacturing, and real estate. Our solutions are commercially viable and technologically superior..

Mobile Business Intelligence

Modern businesses are 24x7. Your competition could be in another time-zone, taking decisions that can affect you quickly. So what happens when you are outside the working hours? Our Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) solutions keep you running. Access data wherever you are! You will have it on all mobile devices with native apps for iOS, and Android.

Mobile Security

Allow your workers to work from anywhere, anytime. Give them access to data, file reports, look at sales figures, and offer support. But you have to make your mobile infrastructure secure with mobile device management and encryption. Protect the data with private use of apps. Get mobile communication encryption and customized security solutions. A single hack or data leak can cause long-term damage

Mobile Device Management

IT managers are always concerned about data safety and for good reasons too. There have been a growing number of mobile device breaches. Don’t take a chance. Our MDM solutions and services offer comprehensive mobile device and data security, whether owned by the company or its important employees. Implement compliance settings. Enforce and manage complete security from a single screen.

Mobile Application Management

Ensure data security by securing data at the app level. Target apps that are specific to user roles! The MAM solutions of AppCode Technologies give you complete control of security and workflow. Administrators can take control of both enterprise and personal apps and manage them efficiently. Our configurations, deliveries, application life cycle management, and usage tracking manage things better and retain control. Protect, control, and manage like never before.