Technology transformation is changing the education sector in every area, every way. Faculty members, students, parents, and administrators are all gaining from this evolution. The gains are for everyone to see. Hi-tech IT and mobility solutions are allowing innovative digital teaching methods, optimizing classroom study and retention, improving student engagement, network performance, allowing the creation of digital libraries, error-free evaluation, and enhancing faculty and campus safety and management. Through comprehensive mobile app development and enterprise mobility solutions and services, AppCode Technologies help schools, universities, learning centers, and students leverage technology and gain from our creative, innovative and technical solutions.


Digital Campus

Digital solutions can transform universities and schools into digital campuses for a greater learning experience. Students can remain “always-connected” and access their study materials, home works, and assessments from anywhere. Knowledge bases can be digitally stored and made searchable easily. AppCode Technologies keeps the campus connected, allow digital learning.

Digital Learning

Digital learning is enabling students to study more efficiently and prepare themselves for a more challenging and rapidly changing world. Our digital technology solutions promote creativity and collaboration and provide students greater access to resources, including subject matter expertise. Learners can receive information and feedback directly. Teachers can save classroom time by providing materials online

Campus and Student Safety

With worldwide operations, including plants and global distribution networks, efficient supply chain can be the key to business success in the modern world. Our expertise and solutions allow automotive clients to develop enterprise system strategies, re-engineer their business processes, and apply large-scale enterprise-wide programs.


Mobility and digital solutions can help you collect and manage student data, track student performances, and analyze how teaching ideas and techniques are working. Seat availability status, seat categories, admission details can be managed more efficiently. Students gain by remotely accessing class timetables, exam dates, and more. You can also provide alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will you provide documentation for my solution or app that you develop? Do I own the code?
A: There are numerous features that we have implemented into our mobile application natively or customized as per the client’s request. Few of them are – Account-based functionalities, Social Media Tools Integration, Multiple Language support, Offline mode, Download and Upload files, AI, AR – Object detection and verification, Real-Time synchronization, Push Notifications, Barcode/QRCode scanning, in-app Calling, Mailing, Messaging, etc.

Q: What if I need any change or modification in the app after completion of the project?
A: Changes in mobile solutions are also termed as a way to grow, optimize and decide strategies based on the real-time market response. Therefore in every growing mobile application changes as per the market environment are necessary. We follow a standard change request procedure which includes steps like – Change Request – Identification, Generation, Approvals & Development

Q: Will you provide any support after the completion of the project successfully?
A: YES…We provide various support facilities even after the completion of the project such as – Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Database & Algorithms Optimisation, New Version Releases&lt

Q: How will you keep me updated about the project progress?
A: Project progress update plays a major role during the development phase of any solution or app. Therefore the progress updates provided through A monthly analytical report and the client is given access to the project sheet where it can find every single status of the milestone’s tasks even with the percentage of completion.