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Analyze digital client experience and modify it taking into account client’s interests and preferences.

Predictive Analytics

Predict prices, customer lifetime value and the stock market moves through understanding social media, news trends and other data sources..

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time analytics fundamentally transform processes by analyzing large amounts of data from different sources and quickly identifying any changes and finding the best reaction to them.

Managing Customer Data

Manage a massive volume of financial data diversity in structure and volume: from social media activity and mobile interactions to market data and transaction detail.

Automating Risk Management

Increase the risk scoring model, enhance cost efficiency and sustainability using Automatic Risk Management feature, by training huge amounts of customer data, financial lending, and insurance results.

Market Basket Analysis

Predict future decisions and choices on large scale using Market Basket Analysis, which is traditional tool for data analysis. It mainly depends on the considerable amount of data collected by customers’ transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will you provide documentation for my solution or app that you develop? Do I own the code?
A: YES. We provide a technical document which is based on the SRS (Software Requirement Specifications) standards consisting every single technicality related to the project. The handover process consist of a code handover process where the client is given access to the code and credentials related to the project.

Q: Will you assist me to upload my mobile app on the App Stores ?
A: YES. From the development of an application from scratch to final build upload action, we consider every task as a priority. We also provide services for App Store or Play Store support where we upload a fully developed application over the respective store. In such cases, estimation is primarily based on the amount of time taken by a developer to upload the application depending upon the challenges.

Q: Are there possibilities of my app getting rejected by Apple?
A: YES..There is a high probability of your app getting rejected by Apple depending upon what criteria the application has breached which has caused the rejection. Some cases which leads to the rejection of an application are – Bugs & Crashes, Test Data – Inaccurate Description, User’s Privacy Breach, Poor performace and More RAM consumption, Mentioning other apps without an agreement approval etc

Q: What If I need any changes in the app or mobile solution? Do I need to communicate with the developer directly?
A: Changes in mobile solution is also termed as a way to grow, optimize and decide strategies based on the real-time market response. Therefore in every growing mobile application changes as per the market environment are necessary. We follow a standard change request procedure which includes steps like – Change Request – Identification, Generation, Approvals & Development.