YouTube SEO Guide: 6 YouTube SEO strategies to Optimize Video Rankings

30 Jul 2023 AppcodeTechnologies

Every single influencer you see today on YouTube started with absolute 0 subscribers and 0 views, not to mention even 0 videos in their so called playlist. So, how those things turn into millions over time? It’s simple. That’s the power of YouTube SEO.

But, not all of them get to the state of an influencer, either due to bad search engine optimization services or bad videos. When we look into 2019 State of Video Marketing survey conducted by WyzOwl, almost 90% marketers working to deliver SEO services prefer YouTube as an ideal marketing channel.

Furthermore, as per a study conducted by Business Insider, more than half a million hours of videos are uploaded each day to YouTube, a great sign for video promotion. YouTube is the second most visited website in the entire world after Google, and the statistics like above only strengthen that fact.

YouTube SEO is neither easy nor difficult; it is just about doing it right, and henceforth let us have a quick roundup of 6 YouTube SEO guide we as the best SEO company in India highly recommend in 2021, to master video optimisation on YouTube.


  • Focus keyword has to be the epicentre

Remember, search engine optimisation or video engine optimisation is all surrounding keywords, and deciding upon a focus keyword first hand is the key to get things right off the bat. A focus keyword does play an instrumental role in deciding the kind of channel you want to start off and the type of videos you are going to create.

Search engines like Google or YouTube, tend to match search results with the search query, and this search query does have that focus keyword, which enables your videos to show up in search results with ease, rather than your videos being shown to an irrelevant audience.

Keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner,, Keywords Everywhere, SEMRush, and Ahrefs do work wonders in helping you decide what focus keyword to choose.


  • Video title needs to be exceedingly catchy

As soon as you have a keyword in place, it is time now to start creating videos around it. But, the first thing to do here is think of a highly captivating and compelling title, having that focus keyword or one of its variation, and talking a lot of what can be expected from the video.

The title should be such so as to grab user attention within seconds while keeping a hold of the user eyeballs and pursue them to look what’s on the inside. Users should feel the urge to click on the video right from the title itself since it won’t take long for users to make a move towards another video.


  • Video description should hold on to relevancy

Optimising the title won’t be enough since you need to get your potential users reading out what your video is all about and that is where the power of description lies, wherein you can have your creativity and keywords do the talking.

Although, it is the first 125 characters playing a decisive role needing the most hard work, yet prepare a 250 words description that is simply mind boggling. Have the habit of placing the keywords right at the start of a description since you want viewers to engage and this can be a great start to it.

A description should absolutely be innovative with 100% uniqueness and not a mere copy-paste, as well as just bear in mind that your URL has to be in it that you need to promote.


  • Script should be extremely interactive

You may possibly ask how an interactive script may possibly make a noticeable difference, but that is where a video can have an unimaginable impact. Today, a professional video is not just a random one made out of home, but a combination of good actors and voiceovers, making up for a real visual treat.

To help actors and voiceover artists do their work with utmost perfection, it is utmost necessary to give them a seamless script in place wherein they can deliver your message across the audience with utmost conviction without going over-board or under-board.

It’s the first 10 seconds to capture the eyeballs, and another 20 seconds to give them a reason for sticking to your video, and if in this first 30 seconds if your script isn’t sounding natural or spontaneous then even your well made professional video is going to an utter waste.


  • Longer videos do well than shorter ones

Viewers tend not to give a look at shorter videos as they feel no value can be tentatively gained out of it, which is not the case with longer videos. Longer videos are long in duration and hence one can talk in-depth on the topic under discussion talking about the problem, brief, details, and finally comes the solution.

If videos are short then the entire time is consumed in talking about yourself and engaging users in subscribing, liking, commenting, or sharing. However, that surely doesn’t mean you should drag your videos unnecessarily, without any additional knowledge sharing value to the users.


  • Make users participate and engage

There is a reason why YouTube popularity has been sky-rocketing the Internet since its inception. Every single video you see involves users all across the globe to be a part of the discussion by placing their valuable comments, liking video, sharing video, or subscribing to the channel.

Each video is capable of getting users talk to one another by conversing on the discussion via comments. You can too do the same thing by encouraging users to participate by getting them to subscribe, comment, like, or share so that they are kept informed of what’s going on your end.


Allow your videos bring you a flood of traffic!

YouTube SEO is an ongoing process for any company needing a constant scrutiny since you want a never ending flow of visitors to see what you have in store. This makes YouTube all the more competitive due to the fact that there are so many search engine optimization services wanting to leverage this platform to its level best.

However, the 6 YouTube SEO guide tips we just discussed still have the ability to gain an edge amidst competitiveness with videos climbing up step by step over time. There are many strategies meant for SMO services but nothing like YouTube. As a best SEO company in India, AppCode Technologies know what YouTube is, and it’s high time for you to know as well.