5 Benefits Mobile App Development Can Leverage With Agile Project Management

03 Aug 2023 AppcodeTechnologies

Agile process has been there for quite a while now and that too in mobile application development makes it quick and reliable for application users, businesses, as well as developers. A lot have been talked about agile development in the past and today the Internet is flooded with content that talks about agile mobile app development services. However, we will discuss about why a mobile app development company wants to go after an agile process, and what is in it making it viable in creating great mobile apps.

Whenever it is about agile methodology, it is all about getting iterative following an incremental mobile application development process. It means that at every stage of creating a mobile app, a minimum viable product better known as an MVP is tested and tested until it is ready to proceed on to the next stage.

The reason why agile development methodology is so likeable is due to the fact that by the time an application is released, it is already free of technical issues, bugs, or errors corrected during each developmental stage, and that too in optimum time as well as overhead costs.

Agile Model Do Accompany So Many Benefits

The biggest reason why agile model is preferred by a mobile app development company over waterfall model is the fact that a product is tested within a phase and only then passed over to next stage in case of an agile model, unlike waterfall model wherein first a product is made to reach the finished stage via sequential approach, and then the same sequential approach is started all over again to eliminate issues in previous iteration.

To be precise more on why an agile management model so instrumental, let us walk through the benefits to help you decide on the use of agile management in mobile app development services.

Unmatchable Product Quality

Since testing is an integrated activity within each and every phase of the development cycle, the end result or an end product is something high on quality with minimalist or no possibility of technical snags. Whatever problems appear is tested during a particular stage itself so that it’s ready to get through the next stage. Without an apt clearance from the developers, a product is not moved on to the next phase, even if that means taking time in bringing necessary changes or even modifying code, UI/UX, etc.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

Since the client is always a part of the testing process at any given stage, it goes without saying that the product is transparent not just at individual stages, but even towards the end. During every stage, an MVP is demonstrated to the clients in terms of what to be expected at the end of that specific module.

Modifications are done in terms of iterative testing, if the expected results do not match up to client expectations, hence keeping them engaged and involved.

Overall Project Control

It goes without saying since clients are always kept in loop at every phase through sprint meetings and discussions happening now and then. It not just brings transparency, but even allows clients to feel empowered throughout. Visibility backed by honesty is the key to have a seamless communication between the two.

Facilitates Risk Mitigation

The chances of project failure are almost eliminated since the product has moved through a thorough scrutiny at each stage. Whatever risks exist is limited only to a phase, which are taken care of during the progress of that module itself, and hence there isn’t any fear of small risks leading to a big risk. Since the risks are handled on a modular level rather than on a project level, it is very easy to handle them due to their minimal magnitude.

ROI is Spot-On

Agile model follows the principle of iterative testing, and hence all the benefits or loopholes of a mobile app are realized on a modular level itself. Moreover, once realized, the benefits are escalated to highest possible means while loopholes are eliminated to the lowest possible means, before proceeding further.

So, what you have at any given point of time is a ready to market minimum viable product, which does have the potential of a final launch, yet one strives to incorporate as many things possible, and released once an MVP gets through all the stages.

Many a times, this result in an app that has the first mover advantage of being a complete app right off the bat. Since so much time saved and costs avoided at each phase, the ultimate ROI a client gets is absolutely high on both value and deliverables. Agile development has always proved in delivering great returns on investment, due to its core focus on moving a product as much near to perfection possible.


Statistics prove that with agile methodology in place, you can reach a market 37 times faster, irrespective of the complex mobile app you are developing. AppCode Technologies is a leading mobile app development company, they have delivered many complex mobile apps with an agile project management approach in sort interval of time with complete functionality to grab and retain more users.