Automobiles of the future will not just be faster and more fuel-efficient they will be smarter and technologically superior too. The transformation is ground-breaking. Automotive Mobile Solutions and Mobile App Development can lead this change. We work with dealer and automobile manufacturers to help them make this transformation and manage the challenges better. It’s a seamless transition, a digital upgrade that leads the path of this evolution. Intelligent systems and solutions developed by us for the automobile industry can innovate, deliver smarter solutions, save costs, and ensure adaptability and quality for a smarter and more high-tech future.


Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Leveraging the “Internet of Things”, we enable manufacturers to make connected and intelligent automobiles with decision-making capabilities. The solutions transform vehicles into digital hubs that allow real-time data integration, satellite navigation and voice response systems, safety features, radars, in-vehicle entertainment, vehicle diagnostics, and more that provides a safer and smarter driving experience for customers. AppCode Technologies enables businesses to achieve this and more.


Mobile Innovation

An estimated 80% buyers of new cars and 100% people interested in used cars begin their research on the web. Dealers and automakers thus need to maintain a strong web presence. Besides, car apps can serve many uses, apart from generating enquiries and capturing customers in a “mobile first” market. Interactive 3D configurations, third-party traffic integration… the possibilities are endless.


Connected Supply Chain

With worldwide operations, including plants and global distribution networks, efficient supply chain can be the key to business success in the modern world. Our expertise and solutions allow automotive clients to develop enterprise system strategies, re-engineer their business processes, and apply large-scale enterprise-wide programs. The business applications and back-end systems of AppCode Technologies enable businesses and make them more efficient.


Leveraging Big Data

Collecting data, analyzing it correctly, and applying the findings is critical. Automotive solutions can leverage data to gain in several ways like bring down costs, improve equipment performance and life, and meet targets. Data from vehicle sensors, warranty claims, and consumer responses and preferences… there are infinite possibilities. Our solutions help in predictive analytics to come up with new revenue growth approaches.

Solutions for You

Mobility solutions are changing the automotive industry rapidly. We can help you lead this change. From automated mobility to connected mobility and electrified mobility, we can help in various areas. The applications and solutions of AppCode Technologies allow businesses to be future-ready, by providing high-end capabilities, and safety features. Our diverse, adaptable applications allow the automotive industry to add value and mitigate all concerns.

AppCode Technologies services transform dealers and automobile manufacturers to improve business efficiency and become more profitable. We help them build better products, improve sales processes and brand image, reduce costs, enter new markets, and create long-lasting customer loyalty.