Astrology Community Platform (Website, Web App, Mobile App & Digital Marketing) is a platform which has been created to utilise technology and ancient wisdom to solve people’s problem. It is a platform that intends to provide people a guiding light when people are confused about their circumstances or for any other general inquiry which is bothering them.A person faces various dilemmas at various phases of life. At that time, he looks for a friend who would not only give him genuine advice, which would be best for this future.
In many circumstances, a person wonders why certain things are happening to him. At that time, if someone can explain to him the events and the expected events, it gives a lot of clarity for taking the future decisions, apart from building the confidence. We at intends to be your trusted friend and endeavor to provide you with the best guidance.

Project Key Features

Voice Communication

The concept is to enable a normal phone call with masked number so that astrolger can communicate via web to user over phone.

Chat Communication

It establish a private 1-to-1 chat between the astrolger and users in web to web and web to mobile manner with real time messaging.

Location Based Pricing

The portal and mobile apps are location based and displays the rates of call/chat service based on user’s actual location.

Requirements Of the Business Idea

The requirement was to create a communication channel between astrologer and customers via call and chat.

  • Location based pricing
  • Web-to-web and web-to-phone voice calling functionality
  • Web-to-web and web-to-phone chat functionality
  • Google & Apple login alongside conventional email-password login
  • Discounts & coupons feature
  • Order history and payout management
  • Order history and payout management

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Our Case Studies

Voice Call And chat communication

Our major challenge was to create an end to end communication channel between user and astrologer so that they can seamlessly communicate to each other.

  • We opted for thrid party service providers for call and chat
  • Apart from their documentation we have written our own custom algorithms
  • Our alogorithms now provide structural flow of data during call/chats
  • Many strored procedures were written to make 3rd party compatible with database
  • Reduced the delay in calls by optimising the alogorithms
  • Achieved call & chat seemless working with rarely 2-3 seconds delay

Multi lingual support implementation

To support multiple languages on android, iOS and web we haven’t used any thrid party libraries and achieved it through formal coding

  • We have created a database of all the words which would change on language switch
  • We have worte every language interpretation of each word in other language
  • Now we just check what language user has selected and load the dictionary
  • TO create language dictionaries we have used Google Transalate

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