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Robotic Process Automation Solutions

AppCode Technologies is among the best Robotic process automation software companies in India. With our robotic process automation, you can automate your repetitive tasks quickly and cost effectively. AppCode’s team of experts use the latest technology to transform client’s vision into reality thus making us the best Robotic Process Automation service provider.


The exclusive assemblage of services from our leading Robotic Process Automation Company in Delhi NCR includes:

  • HR Advance Salary: AppCode is a leading Robotic Process Automation company in Delhi/NCR. They develop software that automates this process thereby significantly reducing the processing time by 85%.
  • Email Classification: RPA streamlines the email classification process by reading incoming email and using AI to create a model to classify the request.
  • HR Employee On boarding: RPA can trigger a predefined onboarding flow automatically with business rules assigned to the robots to take necessary decisions.
  • Account receivable & recovery: With robotic process automation, manual tasks would no longer need to be done.
  • Insurance Claim Processing: RPA can move large amounts on claims data with one mouse click thus saving consumers time.
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification: The bots would take requests for claims from an automatic queue, verify the details, inform and send those details to the department concerned.
  • Clinical Document Processing: RPA helps existing systems extract clinical documents and patient data and route it to the people who need to use it.
  • Customer Services: RPA robots automatically run complex processes across email, call center applications and your core systems. It also engages customer through real-time data.
  • Accounting: RPA automates processes that are repetitive, high volume, rules based, and a bit mundane.
  • Supply Chain Management: It allows supply chains to scale up faster so as to meet supply requirements with increasing demand.
  • Financial Services: RPA applies specialized software to execute repetitive and structured activities earlier performed by humans.
  • Healthcare: The robots automate the flow of information from multiple channels without complex coding.