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The global online travel space is now valued at 565 billion US$. It is growing by 30% every year. Ancillary revenue, insurance, baggage, Wi-Fi, is 50 billion US$ more. 10 years back, it was only $2B. Mobile accounts for more than 25%.
We help the travel & tourism trade make the most of the digital opportunities by developing high-end technology and mobility solutions. Reach out to your customers, build customer loyalty, update and manage listings, integrate APIs, simplify the booking process, store all details and retrieve them easily, improve employee efficiency, synchronize business data, and analyze sales performance. Our solutions let you manage and market the business better for efficiency improvement at the macro level.

  • API Integration
  • An Integrated Reservation System
  • Sales Performance
  • Location Based Services


API Integration

Integrate APIs from TripAdvisor, Expedia, Concur, Skyscanner, MakeMyTrip, and other large travel businesses into your responsive website or mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Show flight, car rental, cruise, and hotel room details with price and pictures from properties all around the world. Let your customers compare to decide. Show the reviews for each property.

An Integrated Reservation System

Ask our technology and mobility team to develop an integrated, centralized reservation system that captures all the details. The solutions we develop are platform compatible. Send booking confirmation emails, cancellation, schedule change notifications, customizable emails, and more. Authenticate payments. The applications AppCode Technologies develops for you.

Sales Performance

Keep a tab on the performance of your sales team, leads received from fairs/exhibitions/advertisements, follow-ups made, and analyze the results you are getting. Optimize the strategy for each channel so you can decide the way forward. Have your sales team use the system to generate and submit reports. Make customized offers to customers based on their individual preferences, likes/dislikes..

Location Based Services

Offer even more to your customers. Track the geo location of your customers who have booked through you, and send them notifications about restaurants, cinemas, bars, nightclubs, theaters, car rental services, and more on the place where they are currently visiting. Send them detailed destination guides and daily tips. Ask for feedback. Connect and engage with your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

YES. We provide a technical document that is based on the SRS (Software Requirement Specifications) standards consisting of every single technicality related to the project. The handover process consists of a code handover process where the client is given access to the code and credentials related to the project.

YES. From the development of an application from scratch to final build uploadation, we consider every task as a priority. We also provide services for App Store or Play Store support where we upload a fully developed application over the respective store. In such cases, estimation is primarily based on the amount of time taken by a developer to upload the application depending upon the challenges.

YES…There is a high probability of your app getting rejected by Apple depending upon what criteria the application has breached which has caused the rejection. Some cases which lead to the rejection of an application are – Bugs & Crashes, Test Data – Inaccurate Description, User’s Privacy Breach, Poor performance and More RAM consumption, Mentioning other apps without an agreement approval, etc

Changes in mobile solutions are also termed as a way to grow, optimize and decide strategies based on the real-time market response. Therefore in every growing mobile application changes as per the market environment are necessary. We follow a standard change request procedure which includes steps like – Change Request – Identification, Generation, Approvals & Development.

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