AppCode Technologies is the India's fastest growing ISO 9001:2015 digital web solutions company.

Our story

AppCode Technologies is the India’s fastest growing web solutions company. Our high-quality digital solution services include AWS, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Big Data, Machine Learning, Web and Mobile Application Development apart from customized digital solutions. Whether you are a startup or a multinational company, we give you well thought of, well designed and well-developed technology solutions that prove to be ‘game-changer’ digital platforms for your business. We also provide you with the end to end Tech Consultation and enable you with Deck and GTM strategies. We are the trusted partner of Automation Anywhere for Robotic Process Automation solutions. With a strong team of experienced and skilled app developers, we deliver top quality web digital solutions at affordable prices.

Our Process

  • Plan

    Our clients have a consultation with our skilled team of designers and developers to identify and define the requirements of the company. This leads the way to structuring and designing the web and Mobile apps. Once the client is satisfied with the basic wireframe, we go forward to develop the digital solution.

  • Develop

    We are a responsible company and thus while developing any solution, we update our clients about the progress at every step through trusted project management tools. As the mistakes made while developing web solutions can prove to be costly, we ensure regular communication of clients with our development team.

  • Test

    Once the work gets complete, we do beta testing. This testing ensures that our clients get error free product that operates flawlessly in different environments and conditions. Testing at our end is done with latest tools to ensure that real users get a comfortable and user friendly product.

  • Launch

    We also undertake the process of launching a solution like in case of an app by publishing it to the app store. We try to launch our clients' products as quickly as possible keeping in view the policies of app stores and other platforms.

  • Support

    Post launch, we provide all kinds of support to our clients. Based on the feedback of users that are communicated by our clients, we support them in making future updates to the solutions created by our company. We incorporate all the feedback in such changes, of course, in consultation with our clients.

why choose us

AppCode Technologies is a team of experienced and skilled developers ready to understand the requirements of a company. We have developed methodologies to deliver cost-effective products and services that give our clients a competitive edge.

AppCode Technologies have a strong research team always looking for new technologies so that we can meet new challenges with the evolving requirements of our clients.

Our vast technical knowledge as well as vertical and domain expertise make us understand business requirements faster and easily. Our strength lies in our familiarity with design, development, testing, integration and key process operation.

AppCode Technologies is deliver solutions to our clients on time.


Our power of flexibility helps us in developing intuitive, engaging and interactive platforms for our clients' business. We study in detail to understand the needs of our clients and select solutions from large pool of options available with us. We recommend them to our clients so that they can make informed business decisions. We then provide effective and viable solutions to our clients.


The apps developed by our company are fully responsive, just like us. We not only develop technologically high end apps but also SEO friendly fully responsive website and mobile apps for all popular platforms. We take the ideas of our clients to a new level and customize their apps that are meant to cater to niche areas.


AppCode Technologies have a host of app development tools and technologies. We specialize in Mobile Business Strategy, Responsive Web Design & Development, PHP, Magento, Java, .Net, Android and iOS. You just need to specify your requirements and our app development company gives you extremely functional, user-friendly app that is beyond your expectations.