Data Science

You can have data without information,

but you cannot have information without data

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Data Science Development

Appcode Technologies is renowned and best Data Science Development company in Delhi NCR. At Appcode Technologies, our innovative designers and skillful Data Science developers works in close co-ordination with our clients to transform their vision into reality starting from coversion to touch- up. We bulid ideas working with you, maximise output results with minimal input, develop engaging and intuitive desing, write the code, test everything thoroughly, and ensure a smooth deployment of the application.


The exclusive assemblage of services from our leading Data Science Company in Delhi NCR includes:

  • Recommendation Engines: Use Recommendation Engine as one of the main leverages on the customers’ opinion, recommendations are adjusted depending on the choices made by the customers and recommendations enables to increase sales.
  • Market Basket Analysis: Predict future decisions and choices on large scale using Market Basket Analysis, which is traditional tool for data analysis. It mainly depends on the considerable amount of data collected by customers’ transactions.
  • Automating Risk Management: Increase the risk scoring model, enhance cost efficiency and sustainability using Automatic Risk Management feature, by traininng huge amount of customer data, financial lending and insurance result.
  • Managing Customer Data: Manage a massive volume of financial data diversity in structure and volume: from social media activity and mobile interactions to market data and transaction detail.
  • Predictive Analytics: Predict prices, customer lifetime value and the stock market moves through understanding social media, news trends and other data sources.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Real-time analytics fundamentally transform processes by analyzing large amounts of data from different sources and quickly identifying any changes and finding the best reaction to them.
  • Deep Personalization And Customization: Analyze digital client experience and modify it taking into account client’s interests and preferences.