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CMS Solutions

FTP is history. The WordPress CMS is too simple and limiting for most professional websites. Get a feature-rich and customized CMS up and running that meets your precise business goals. Ask AppCode Technologies for template integration, access control, content management, rich media management, file and document management, audit trail for publishing, workflow management, content collaboration and aggregation, scalability for future upgrades, and more. Now finally, you can easily update and manage your website, which would be such an issue if you are planning a lot of pages.

Make the backend robust and flexible and the frontend visually pleasing and user-friendly. The right CMS from tech wizards makes your job so much easier.


Our Capabilities

Successful businesses have exceptional people who are willing to innovate. Our CMS solutions can give you a robust website that is not just smart and high-tech, but is easy to manage as well. It looks pleasing to the eye, easy for your customers, and is conversion ready. We design the mock-up, customize just as you want, and bring it to life. The tech engineers at AppCode Technologies use Drupal and WordPress to create agile and responsive modules that stand out because of their high functionality, flexibility, and yet simplicity. We have years of experience in providing CMS to large and small businesses.


The Drupal content management platform and development framework can give you a robust, scalable and high-performance CMS. Using this open source platform, we can design custom templates and themes for you, integrate custom functionalities or make expansions, install or upgrade modules, and integrate with other applications, like SAP, for instance. Our Drupal architects and developers can do it all for you.


There is more to WordPress than just downloading a theme and adding the plug-in. Get easy manageability, and high-end features. A front-end design that tells the audience what your business is about, and integrate it seamlessly with an efficient backend! Ask our efficient team at AppCode Technologies to work from scratch or migrate your existing website to WordPress.